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Why Considering Location is Important When Buying Property?

Although it isn’t, or at least should not be a novel concept, people who are new to the real estate business are frequently perplexed when they discover that location is an essential point of consideration when buying property. On the other hand, unsurprisingly, those familiar with real estate would argue that considering location when buying real estate is the most important. In fact, this idea has become so deeply embedded that sometimes it isn’t clear which of the two is the more important aspect: the property or where it is located? Well, simply put, considering everything, both are important, however, it cannot be denied that location can make or break the importance of a property. Consider why buying a house in DHA is more expensive and the property considered more valuable than in an area like, say Township. Likewise, investing with Sierra Properties is likely to be life changing, as we take into consideration property as well as location. 

All in all, as a buyer, you might be buying property for investment purposes or buying a house for personal use. In either case, it is essential to consider where it will be located.  This is because it is easy to change the condition of a property as per the buyer’s need or desire; however, the location will remain the same. For this reason, when investing in or buying property, you need to carefully research and choose the area where the property will be located in. 

Importance of Considering Location when Buying Property

There are a number of other reasons due to which considering location in real estate matters is an important consideration. Some of the reasons are: 

  • Accessibility:
    Travel time is a major factor when considering a location to buy a house in. Most people are willing to pay more for a property if it means that traveling time to and from their location is reduced. This is one of the main reasons that people now prefer housing societies and mixed-use developments so they can live, work and enjoy their leisure without wasting half a day on travel. Likewise, with Bellevue Plaza being in an ideal location, Sierra Properties has ensured easy accessibility and best quality for investors and clients alike.
  • Infrastructure:
    Basic infrastructure is directly linked to the value of a property. Services and facilities like good roads, sewerage systems, and the availability of water, electricity, and network and internet access are just some things that attract a buyer to purchase even if the land or house in the area is somewhat expensive. Additionally, the value to be gained from having property such places is immense.
  • Return on Investment (ROI):
    This is the major deliberation for those buying an investment property. Whatever kind of investor is making the purchase, their main concern is whether or not they will get a return if they invest in the land. Even those buying a house or an apartment will profit from property that appreciates. Furthermore, location is a key component of resale value, as clients want to own a property in an area that has a history of growth or will have a high capital appreciation. Therefore, it is important to find out about the prospective resale price before investing in a property. Thus way, you will get a heads-up for places where the value is expected to increase in value over time.
  • Security:
    It is vital to be sure of the security of a place before buying land there. This might be earned by proximity to a police post, security cameras, and even a clinic. It is best if the property is located in a gated community with a perimeter wall or has a reliable security system. As well as providing a better quality of life in the area, such factors will affect the future pricing of the property by attracting other potential buyers.
  • Social Amenities:
    One of the main factors that contribute to the desirability of a property is the amenities the location has to offer. It is understood that properties with access to useful facilities are more appealing to clients than ones without. Having a short distance to basic social facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, and places of worship points to a better living quality. Additionally, as established above, most people do not appreciate travelling too far to find some of these basic conveniences, so having these things close by really adds to the appeal of a location for potential clients.

It cannot be denied that there are various other factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying or investing in any kind of property. However, it is also true that out of these different factors, the most important aspect to pay attention to when it comes to buying property is doubtlessly the location of the prospective land or property. It takes foresight and good judgement to identify a great location, but once you do, the payoff will be worth it. Keep this in mind anytime you are thinking real estate.

What’s So Special About Buying an Investment Property in Bellevue Plaza?

Bellevue Plaza is a new high-rise project launched by Sierra Properties in Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi. Besides the optimum location of this plaza, this project has a lot more to offer in terms of lavishly furnished residential apartments, restaurants, commercial shops, and even corporate offices, all conveniently under one roof!

Additionally, as it is located in the pristine area of Phase 8 Bahria means that investing in Bellevue Plaza promises massive profit due to the area’s spectacular business traffic. Not only that, but it is in close proximity to outside fast food chains like McDonald’s. Furthermore, there are other accommodations like entertainment facilities and social amenities near Bellevue Plaza including grocery stores, hospitals, mosques, parks, schools, and shopping malls.

What’s even better is that Sierra Properties has made owning rental property easier by making cheap commercial properties available for sale in Bellevue Plaza!

Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Bellevue Plaza

According to the research done above, the value of a location depends on the five listed points, those being: accessibility, infrastructure, return on investment (ROI), security, and social amenities. 

Accessibility and Social Amenities in Bellevue Plaza:

Bellevue Plaza is the ideal place to buying an apartment in or for buying an investment property because it meets all five of these categories. This can be ascertained because of a few things, starting with the location. Since Bellevue Plaza is situated in a prime location with good accessibility and all kinds of necessary facilities nearby, it simultaneously checks off the accessibility and social amenities points.

A Good Infrastructure:

As for the infrastructure, Sierra Properties’ track record speaks for itself. Additionally, the plaza has 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, as well as exquisite, fully-furnished, serviced apartments with private terraces, integrated floors, and branded fixtures. 

Bellevue Plaza and Return on Investment:

Moreover, by investing in Bellevue Plaza, you can sit back and enjoy as the profits are sure to reel in. This is because Sierra Properties offers people who are buying homes or buying an investment property a grand, safe, and transparent investment opportunity with a spectacular percentage of capital returns anticipated in the next 3 years.

Located within a Secure Gated Community:

Last but not least, the issue of security is also dealt with as the Bellevue Plaza is located in Bahria Town Phase 8, a safe gated community. Bahria Town is one of the most sought after housing schemes in Pakistan for its prime locations, secure community, and premium facilities. 

Whether you are looking to buy a house and become a homeowner, or are simply looking to make an investment, through renting out an apartment or other means, this is a prime opportunity you would benefit from availing. Bellevue Plaza is one of the latest projects of Sierra Properties, and already has high prospects, which is great from an investment point of view as there is a lot to gain for investors. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a house or apartment for personal use, the plaza still has a lot to offer. This is because among the main features, it promises electricity backup and a balcony for each plot. Furthermore, electricity, sewerage facilities, sui gas, and water supply are available. The plaza is also easily accessible by road. Along with that, internet and cable connections are ready and available. A mosque and canteen are also available in the plaza. Along with the facilities and location advantages, the Bellevue Plaza also has maintenance staff, security staff, and CCTV security services. 

Research and knowledge regarding any endeavor, especially business related, are vital. Implementing these findings when making your purchase or investment is important, in order to make the best decision. Now you know not only the importance of considering location when buying a house or an investment property, but also why Bellevue Towers in Bahria Town Rawalpindi is an ideal and affordable investment choice.

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