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Key Apartment Renovations Ideas to Add Value to Your Property

Key Apartment Renovations Ideas to Add Value to Your Property

Have you ever wondered why certain spaces, apartments and homes which might be small have a huge property value than a mansion you may own? One of the most popular misconceptions people have regarding property is that the bigger property you buy, the more value it has. The truth is, size does not contribute to property value.

The goal of every proprietor is to increase the value of their property. That is the essential concern of every person who buys a house. Buying a home is an easy task. There are many properties in Rawalpindi to choose from. If you have the money and the right idea of what you are looking for, then it never really is a challenge. The real challenge starts once you buy it. Of course, before buying an apartment or a home, it is important to take notice of the property value. However, you must keep working towards increasing the value of your property.

There are many ways to increase the property value of your apartment or home. However, the simplest of all forms is apartment renovation. Apartment renovation is the fastest and easiest way to increase the property of your house. No one wants to add value to a property that doesn’t look appealing. In order to make sure that you can double the value of your house, apartment revamping should always be on your priority list.

Why should you renovate your apartment and home?

If you are advised by many to renovate your apartment or home, then you should definitely consider doing it. So, why should you renovate your apartment or home anyway? It does increase your property value, but there are many perks of doing so.

  • Adds beauty in your house.
  • Apartment renovation can add more space into your apartment.
  • Apartment renovation can actually be very therapeutic. Changing the style of your space can sometimes feel like you are modifying your life.
  • Renovations can even add life to your house.
  • It can also help lower energy costs, if you decide to make your apartment or house more sustainable.

Things to consider before Revamping your Apartment or house:
Buying and selling a property in Bahria Town (Rawalpindi) has become extremely competitive due to the rise in demand. If you want your home to stand out then you must work on its maintenance and appearance. Apartment renovating can seem to be like a difficult task. That is why many experts from the Real Estate in Rawalpindi advise proper planning. If you are considering a complete makeover of your house, then before you must first consider the following:


  • Affordability: Revamping your house is not a cheap task. It costs money. Sometimes, when people are revamping their homes, they are unable to tell how much they should be spending. Before you embark on this journey, do think about how much you are willing to spend. Prepare a budget on apartment revamping so you know how much you should spend. It will be a good idea to go to a market and get prices of the various things you plan on doing, such as painting, purchasing new furniture etc.
  • Time: You must keep an estimate of how long the renovation will last for. Sometimes, people keep renovating their homes for years and other times they spend only a week. You must decide the period in which you want to revamp your house. For instance, people often get their apartment renovation done two months before the summers, so that the house is ready on time for potential guests.
  • Examine: Make a list of places in your house that need modifications. Examine each corner of your house and see if they need any repairing. See if there are any extra pipes you want to remove.

Ways to revamp your Apartment

Now, that you have decided the time, cost and duration of your apartment revamping, you must work on the various designs. Here are some of the renovation ideas promoted by companies like The Marketing Heaven on social media that you could do to increase the property value of your apartment.

Outdoor Revamping:
Apartments which have a huge balcony or are on the ground floor are fun to renovate. You could do so much with it. If your apartment is on the ground floor and opens to a courtyard then consider yourself very lucky. You could revamp the entire courtyard. Start by first planting a big and unique tree in the middle. Studies have shown that a huge tree inside a home can increase its property value. Then you can even create a garden by adding flowers and planting small trees. You can even place benches and prepare a small sitting space in the courtyard. If you have a huge balcony then there are many things you can do. You can paint your balcony, add swings and even a small bookshelf. That will not only make your apartment look appealing but even increase your apartment’s overall value.

2. Paint, Paint and Paint
One of the simplest and cost effective methods of apartment renovation and home renovation is painting. Painting your house changes everything. Sometimes, all you need is to add a different colour to the interior of your apartment. Freshly colored rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and kitchen can just change the way everything looks. When selecting paint colours keep in mind the colour scheme or palette you have decided for your apartment renovation. When selecting a colour scheme make sure to keep neutrals in mind. Neutrals are more appealing than bright colours. Do choose a pastel palette which is toned and adds vibrancy into your house. You can play with paint and even add some various mixes and matches. You can use a bright colour such as yellow with pastel green or off-white. You can even texturise your walls with paint.

3. Swap your cabinet hardware
When one plans their apartment renovation, cabinet hardware is probably the last thing that remains in their mind. Cabinet hardware can be a simple task. Removing and replacing your cabinet fronts or hardware can make your apartment look more valuable than it already is. It is one of the simplest forms of changing your home and adding more value to it. You can even work on remodelling your entire kitchen. You can upgrade your space by resurfacing your cabinets completely. Look at the various spaces which might be needing some repairing. There are always certain areas in the kitchen which are worn out and require some heavy changes.

Building an outdoor patio

Apartments which are located on the ground floor are fun to change. Build a patio in the backyard. Add some chairs and even benches. Work on adding a swing and also a small fire space. All of these things can add extra beauty and aesthetics into the apartment. It can even be done as part of your home ramifications. If you own a big house then working on a garden or its backyard will immediately increase its value. Creating a little outdoor seating space could be the finishing touch you need to boost your home’s exterior appeal. Set up a deck or porch as an outdoor living area with comfy cushions on furniture, an outdoor rug, a grill or a TV if the area is covered.

5. Finish Your Basement

Most homes in Pakistan treat the basement as an additional space for storage. While that’s certainly handy, one sure way you can increase your home’s value is by finishing the basement.


Even if your intention is to keep the basement as a storage unit, you can still increase value by adding storage fixtures into the room. Leaving the basement incomplete as a simple room with plastered walls saves money for many people, but if you reinvent the space, you can increase its value.


Here’s how. As mentioned, if you plan on keeping it as a storage unit, perhaps add built-in shelves. This allows the room to look aesthetically pleasing. Even if you don’t have any other ideas, potential buyers can reimagine the room beyond just a storage place. Perhaps they might consider it as a part-storage space and part-study room?


There are endless possibilities. Similarly, if you’re a big fan of movies, why not set up a home theatre? All it’ll take is carpeted floors, some dark paint on the walls and a projector.


What’s more, a finished basement will be seen as added useable square footage, which will increase the property’s price for sure.

6. Upgrade Your Kitchen Lighting

Many people don’t realize the importance of kitchens in the modern home. After all, it’s not just a place where you cook anymore. Kitchens are multi-purpose rooms. You might find yourself helping your kids with homework in the kitchen, casually browsing the web while having a coffee, or even hosting a little gathering around the counter during dinner parties there. The list goes on.


Given the extensive use of the kitchen, you need a room with great lighting and is, therefore, welcoming. If your kitchen looks dark and dreary, it might put you off, along with potential buyers as well. In practice, kitchen lights aren’t a big investment. But if they’re placed in the correct places and angles, they can make an entire room shine. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a very small investment with great returns. After all, who doesn’t love a well-lit kitchen?

7. Smart Home Technology

It’s time to propel your home into the 21st century by installing smart home technology. Smart home technologies contain a range of utilities from security infrastructure to gas leak detection and more. You don’t have to worry about the extensive cost of wiring and installation either. Most smart home devices are wireless and make use of the internet or Bluetooth to function. You can even monitor and access information straight from your mobile phone or tablet.

Get Renovating Today!
As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can renovate your home and increase its value. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to do so either. Even the simplest tweaks and changes can spike your home’s value.

Whether you’re renovating an apartment or a house, remember that you need to make it feel as homely and cosy as possible. There’s no need for excessive cleanliness or clutter. As long as you’re able to make your home feel like a home with lots of space, great lighting and a general airy feel, you’re bound to increase its market value.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin renovating today!

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