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Bellevue Plaza: Important traits of modern construction

With rapidly-evolving urban architecture, people’s taste and aesthetics are also taking a shift from the sway of displaying mere ambiance to adding comfort and convenience to the former. Considering contemporary needs, traits of construction express a strong order of change and modification, adjusting to modern artistry.

At Sierra properties, we carefully consider modern trends and duly incorporate them within our construction projects. Our prime project, Bellevue Plaza, is on its way to glimmer with all imperative patterns of modern construction.

Open Interiors

One of the most significant features of modern construction is its visible inclination towards wide open spaces, giving a spacious outlook to the overall construction.
Bellevue Plaza’s construction style incorporates open spaces that seamlessly blend and mold into corridors, kitchens, drawing rooms, or lounges instead of providing sharply-differentiated spaces. 

Large windows, ample natural light

To create an atmosphere resembling an open air space, Bellevue Plaza’s contemporary structure would develop an unparalled modern elegance, wherein window walls wyndham timeshare rescind letter, large glass panels and huge doors would make attractive alfresco spaces open to cozy interiors.
The vision behind floor-to-ceiling glass windows is not just associated with allowing ample natural light in, but also to provide a greater, brighter outside view.

Eco-friendly building material

On account of strict adherence to utilizing natural/green products, the eco-friendly building material is considered acutely significant in modern construction. Structurally, Bellevue Plaza’s construction is being executed in tandem with respecting environment-control campaigns and an exclusive attempt at using eco-friendly material is being ensured.  

Sustainable design

Today the chances of a building being hit by an earthquake or any natural disaster are perhaps more likely than ever before, which is why Bellevue Plaza’s construction is focused at an uncompromising stance on the sustainability of the structure. A compact design, blending in strong building materials coupled with a balanced layout is the primary focus of our structural engineers.

Geometric simplicity

Modern construction pays tribute to the art of simplicity, and at the same time elevates it in its ranks. It avoids tiny details with floral or Greek patterns, just as much as it avoids the gushing use of arches, vaults and pillars.
Translating the beauty in simplicity, Bellevue Plaza’s construction style is envisioned to reflect a play on geometric volumes and chic patterns in sophisticated modern design, covering extensive living spaces that give an elegant, contemporary look.

With the structural espousing of the above modern trends, Bellevue Plaza is on its way to becoming an eye-catching architectural marvel.

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