Implementing Post-Pandemic Construction Trends

Implementing Post-Pandemic Construction Trends

The world has taken a turn from the erstwhile practice of jumping right into raising buildings to carefully considering evolving needs of the construction industry. As top construction companies in Pakistan gain technical and professional contest, one must stay abreast with mounting market trends in order to maintain competitiveness. Bellevue Plaza is being constructed with meticulous consideration channeled towards the most crucial of these developing construction trends:

Mobile Access

The pandemic has caused companies to reflect on their use of technology and equipment to increase efficiency of workers, and to ensure their safety at the same time. Best real estate firms in Pakistan predict that one of the most powerful determining factors in 2022 for builders and developers would be the construction-related technology.

Sierra Properties is consciously attempting to make use of construction drones to remotely access the construction site. These not only map large-distance areas, but also produce aerial images and thermal maps. The fast-developing drone technology records data in real-time, making it easy for decisions to be taken without the need of jostling, physical interaction.

Sustainable Construction

Top construction companies in Islamabad feel that eco-friendly construction materials are of urgent significance in terms of displaying a plethora of ecotech traits that enhance the sustainability of the newly-built concrete structures in Islamabad.

Sierra Properties is committed to develop structures with reduced carbon footprint in addition to reducing the unnecessary consumption of abundant resources. Bellevue Plaza, by Sierra Properties, is planned to showcase rooftops inlaid with plants and vegetation. Additionally, the use of ecofriendly materials would improve sustainability and resistance when confronted with climate change.

Increased Safety Equipment

With rapidly-modernizing technological advancements being made in the construction industry, it is imperative to introduce equally advanced safety standards. Advanced wearable articles including work wear protective equipment like moisture-wicking vests, helmets and COVID-related essentials like visors and masks are trending to ensure the safety of workers on-site. Additionally, special headsets are also in popular use for noise-cancellation to actively keep workers in tune with their surroundings.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling technology is assisting investors and stakeholders in the construction industry in terms of enhancing efficiency. BIM helps create computerized representations of buildings. Supervising these models using BIM technology becomes comparatively much more manageable, making on-time decisions possible with accurate execution.

As we recover from the consequences of the pandemic, an upsurge in the construction industry is expected in 2022. Using these advanced operative tools, Sierra Properties is making sure it offers the best possible working conditions, and implements the best standards for onsite workers to maximize efficiency and production this year.

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