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How to Create the Illusion of Space in Small Rooms

How to Create the Illusion of Space in Small Rooms

With Sierra Properties, you get to enjoy the height of luxury and modern living. Along with construction of excellent new houses in Pakistan, Sierra Properties also dabbles in the best commercial and residential constructions in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Granted, some of these apartments and homes may have small rooms, but that is no issue as you can always create the illusion of space!

Admittedly, with the rapidly growing population and more families and individuals trying to move to the commercial areas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, certain apartment buildings have smaller sized lodgings.

Most Pakistani citizens are not used to living in enclosed spaces, or in closed quarters, especially as we are used to living in family systems. However, you do not need to be anxious about lack of space in the smaller-sized lodgings, as this blog shows you exactly how to deal with the issue and create an illusion of space.

It is true that you have to lose something to gain something; however, Sierra Properties prioritizes customer satisfaction and convenience. Therefore, for this perceived inconvenience of small-size lodging, whether it occurs in an apartment, or even in another kind of property, we have taken it upon ourself to ensure you have various options to fix such a predicament.

Steps You Can Take

Some of the various things, you can do to create an illusion of space in small-size lodging are as follows.

Be Selective with Furniture

  • Do not place large or bulky furniture in the smaller rooms
  • Go for couches and sofas that are raised by legs, as being closer to the floor blocks light
  • Definitely go for furniture made with light woods like beech
  • Be selective with furniture and general possessions, and don’t hold on to items that you don’t absolutely need, especially if they take up a bigger space
  • Visualize lightness, mobility, and minimalism, and take inspiration from interior design models as well

Blend Adjacent Places

The main thing to keep in mind is that adjacent places should be blended. Two main ways this can be achieved is by keeping:

  • the upholstery similar to wall colours
  • the floor colours similar to rug colours

This is an important aspect in interiors of non-spacious places because doing this creates a sense of space. The opposite happens with the use of a variety of colours making the space appear cluttered.

The cluttered look breaks up a room, thus making it seem smaller. On the other hand, linking spaces by matching colors creates a unified effect created and visually expands the space.

Create Large Expanses of Floor Space

Different types of flooring in different areas breaks up a living space and makes it appear smaller. It is best to maintain one consistent floor type throughout, especially if you have open-plan spaces in your home.

If not divided by a wall, don’t put a carpet in your living room and have a hardwood flooring in the dining room.  Instead, go for a plain, light-coloured carpet or real wood flooring, and fit it throughout your living areas. Lighter and even flooring goes a long way in making a living space look larger.

Furniture Placement

A simple way to create the illusion of space and openness is by placing furniture away from the walls. This is because leaving spaces empty by not placing furniture close to or against them makes the area look more open and large.

A few advantages of doing this are that spaces aren’t cramped, the furniture doesn’t seem like it has been pushed against a wall, and ruining the wall paint by furniture rubbing against it can also be avoided.

Moreover, you can make the room look more sociable and welcoming by placing furniture slightly away from the wall and more towards the centre of the room. This is because by placing the furniture this way, the sofas and chairs are placed at a distance which makes eye contact during conversation convenient, also ensuring that nobody finds it difficult to communicate or join in.

Hanging accessories are also vital in making a space look larger and less cluttered. This is because hanging accessories do save space by leaving the floors uncluttered. On a similar strain, you can further save space by mounting shelves or storage spaces, as that ensures that these items don’t take up extra space.


Leave Breathing Space

Want to make sure your small room looks spacious even if you decide to keep some of that furniture you should have gotten rid of? The easiest way to achieve a more open, breathable look for a room is to leave approximately 10% of the space. For example, leave some space empty while arranging books on a shelf, instead of filling up every available space.

This is because leaving this little bit of space between furniture and walls, and the little empty spaces on furniture that can hold more, helps give a less cluttered, cleaner look and gives the room a larger look overall.

Monochromatic Décor

Although you may be tempted to go for colours to make your living space brighter and livelier, it is best to stick to monochromatic themes and décor if you are trying to make your space look larger than it is. Interior designers regularly recommend light pastels, cream shades, or white colours for walls, as the lighter colours reflect more light and make any space look immediately larger.

If the light colored walls are paired with light furniture like cream or off-white coloured cushions, carpets, sofas, and/or curtains, the room gets further added size. On the other hand, darker fixtures and colour schemes and themes reduce from the size of the area and make it look smaller.

Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture that doubles up as storage space is the best way to save space in and make a small space look larger. Some examples of multifunctional furniture are:

  • box-beds, which double as storage and extra furniture
  • trunks which can also be used as coffee tables
  • ottomans that you can store things in
  • good quality stools which can also be used as bedside tables

Natural Light

A room that lacks natural light automatically looks cramped and less spacious, so an essential requirement to make a room look larger is natural lighting. Keeping the doors and windows open to allow as much daylight in as possible will help in giving the illusion of a lager space. Light can enter more easily if the windows are kept clean.

Strategic Use of Curtains

We have already established that lighter and more neutral colours of walls, floors, and furnishings help make a room look larger than it is. A similar formula can be applied when it comes to curtains and drapes as well!

This is because surrounding the windows in your small rooms with heavy and dark curtains is a guaranteed way to make the space look and feel crowded. Furthermore, since natural light makes a room seem bigger than it is, leaving windows as open to sunlight as possible, even if you have to move furniture away from the walls and windows, is very important to make your room look larger and less cluttered.

If you do have to go for putting up curtains or drapes, follow the following tips to make the window look much larger, and thus enhancing the perceived size of the room. This can be easily achieved by:

  • fitting the curtains/drapes as close to the ceiling as possible so they’re well above the top of the window
  • keep the length of whatever types of hanging you put up over your windows long enough to reach the floor

Use Lights Cleverly

In a small room, you want to everything to avoid making it look even less spacious. For this purpose, avoid ceiling lights in these types of rooms as ceiling lights create large shadows, which makes the room look much smaller.

Instead, there are various ways you can counter this and make your small room look spacious as well as modern. Two of the best ways you can achieve this include:

  • ensuring there are plenty of low-level lights in the room, for example, on the wall, floor lamps, or lamps on tables and desks
  • if ceiling lights are necessary, only go for pendant lights or hanging lights, and suspend them as low as possible without getting in the way or becoming hazardous

Use Mirrors

Since mirrors reflect light, placing them in any room or living space makes the area feel more airy and spacious. Furthermore, since the mirrors are reflecting the already existing space of the room, they add more depth to the room.

While hanging different sized mirrors helps greatly, strategically placing the odd ceiling-to-floor mirror around a room can transform it instantly. One of the best tips to make a room look more spacious is to place a place a mirror opposite a window to harness natural light.

In case you fear that your rooms are small and will be cramped once all the furniture is put up, don’t settle for dealing with having a dull and cluttered space! Instead, make the best of your luxury apartment and set it up so it’s both modern and fucntional by following the tips given above.

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